International activity

    SE „IVANO-FRANKIVSK­STANDART­METROLOGY" cooperates with the international metrological organization of Central and Eastern Europe COOMET to confirm its measuring and calibration capabilities for measuring units of gas volume and volume flow rate. For this purpose, international verifications of national standards and external inspections of the quality system of the enterprise for compliance with the requirements of DSTU ISO/IEC 17025 are constantly carried out.

    The company has participated in three international comparisons of standards, which are completed and as a result of which the company first received and then successfully confirmed the СMС tables in the international database of International Bureau of Weights and Measures BIPM (Paris) KCDB, which provides international recognition of calibration results performed using the standards of SE „IVANO-FRANKIVSK­STANDART­METROLOGY".
    SE „IVANO-FRANKIVSK­STANDART­METROLOGY" is a signatory of the “Agreement On Mutual Recognition of National Standards and Certificates of Calibration and Measurement Issued by National Metrological Institutes (CIPM MRA) of 14 October 2003.

    Within the framework of the CIPM MRA agreement SE „IVANO-FRANKIVSK­STANDART­METROLOGY" cooperates with the International Organization of EURO-ASIAN COOPERATION OF NATIONAL METROLOGICAL INSTITUTIONS (COOMET).

    SE „IVANO-FRANKIVSK­STANDART­METROLOGY" signed bilateral agreements on cooperation and recognition of test results with National Institutes of other countries, such as SMU (Slovak Institute of Metrology) and BelGIM (Belarusian Institute of Metrology).

    SE „IVANO-FRANKIVSK­STANDART­METROLOGY" takes an active part in the meetings of TC 1.4 "FLOW RATE” of COOMET thanks to which we are active participants in international comparisons of national standards within the regional metrological organization and verifications under the auspices of the International Bureau of Weights and Measures BIPM.
    For the last 20 years SE „IVANO-FRANKIVSK­STANDART­METROLOGY" has taken part in 1 key and 4 additional comparisons. Key comparisons were conducted with the participation of various Regional Metrological Organizations (RMO), such as COOMET, EURAMET, SIM and APMP. SE "IVANO-FRANKIVSKSTANDARTMETROLOGY" has experience in conducting international comparisons of standards as a pilot organization (coordinator) with the preparation of relevant reports.

        In 2020 our specialists are scheduled to participate in a meeting of the EURAMET Technical Committee on Flow Rate.
            By participating in international comparisons and confirming the level of equivalence of national standards, the company supports measurement and calibration capabilities in the BIPM database and there are currently three CMC lines.
            According to the results of the latest comparisons under the COOMET 680/Ru-a/16 Project (COOMET.M.FF-S9), we plan to receive another CMC line in the range of gas volume flow rate measurements up to 6500 m3/h.
        The quality management system (QMS) of the enterprise is accredited by the National Accreditation Agency of Ukraine (NAAU) according to DSTU ISO/ IEC 17025 and according to COOMET recommendations is externally inspected by independent auditors and experts of the COOMET Quality Forum every 5 years. Due to the international recognition of measuring and calibration capabilities on the Calibration Certificates issued by our Scientific Metrological Center, it is allowed to use the CIPM MRA logo.


    SE „IVANO-FRANKIVSK­STANDART­METROLOGY" is an active participant in the project "Support to the implementation of the Association Agreement between Ukraine and the EU in the field of metrology" , funded by the Federal Ministry of Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ).

The project is implemented by PTB (Institute of Physics and Technology, Braunschweig, Germany).

Project number:  4440 at 23.06.2020 (PN: 2018.2196.6)

Sector:Sustainable economic development

TA programme:Sustainable Economic Development in Ukraine

Programme objective: Increase of the competitiveness of the Ukrainian Economy

Project objective: The implementation of the Association Agreement between the EU and Ukraine in the field of metrology improves the access of the private sector to internationally recognized metrology services

Contribution to the national implementation of the Agenda 2030:
The project contributes to the objectives defined in the “Sustainable De-velopment Goals: Ukraine, National Baseline Report 2017”
SDG 8 – Decent work and economic growth
SDG 9 – Industry, Innovation, Infrastructure
SDG 16 – Peace, Justice and strong Institutions

Target groups: Users of metrology services, consumers

Lead executing agency: Ministry of Economic Development and Trade of Ukraine (MEDT)

Specific results:
1 The capacities of the MEDT to further develop the metrology system are strengthened.
2. The organizations of the legal metrology offer demand oriented, in-ternationally recognized services.
3. The organizations of the industrial metrology offer demand oriented, internationally recognized services.
4. Companies of the private sector increasingly use demand oriented, internationally recognized metrology services.

An Agreement between the EU and Ukraine on Conformity Assess-ment and Acceptance of Industrial Products (ACAA) is concluded.
Implementing period: 20.05.2019 – 19.05.2022 (3 years)

Project information...

Detailed information on technical cooperation under the Association Agreement (Article 55, Chapter 3, Section IV) can be found at...

International projects
Project title Project type
COOMET.M.FF-S1/A - Міждержавні звірення еталонів одиниць об’єму та об’ємної витрати газу в діапазоні витрат (0,12 - 10) м.куб/год Додаткові звірення
COOMET.M.FF-S1/B - Міждержавні звірення еталонів одиниць об’єму та об’ємної витрати газу в діапазоні витрат (100 - 1000) м.куб/год Додаткові звірення
COOMET.M.FF-S3 - Звірення в області витрати газу для встановлення ступеню еквівалентності національних еталонів і оцінки калібрувальних і вимірювальних можливостей лабораторій національних метрологічних інститутів в діапазоні витрати газу (4 - 160) м.куб/год Додаткові звірення
CCM.FF-K6.2011 - Звірення національних еталонів витрати газу в діапазоні витрат (2 - 100) м.куб/год Ключові звірення національних еталонів
COOMET.M.FF-S9 - Звірення національних еталонів в області витрати і об'єму газу в діапазоні витрат (20 - 6500) м.куб/год Додаткові звірення